L. Santiago Calero, Author
L. Santiago Calero, Author

L. Santiago Calero was born in Manhattan, New York, grew up in the South Bronx of New York City, and has lived in the Southeastern United States for several decades. Prior to embarking on his career as a writer, he enjoyed a distinguished health care career.

He completed a B.A degree with a major in Molecular Biology and a minor in English from Wesleyan University. He attended several postgraduate institutions of higher education in the health care professions where he was conferred various doctorates, and subsequently received several postnominal medical designations. Throughout most of his professional career, his focus has been in the clinical practice of Functional and Preventive Medicine.

Because of his love for the creative arts, he pursued additional postgraduate education in the arts and humanities. In 2007, he earned an M.F.A. in Creative Writing with Distinction, and a second M.F.A. in Digital Cinema Production in 2008, also with Distinction. His M.F.A. thesis in Digital Cinema Production was comprised of a written dissertation, and a documentary film entitled: Iswa – The Catawba’s Path to Redemption, which is based on the Catawba Native American Nation’s 20-year struggle to regain federal recognition from the United States Government. Moreover, he received the M.Phil. in English and Comparative Literature and the Ph.D. in English Literature and Creative Writing in 2018. His thesis for his M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees is entitled: A Survey of American Multicultural Literature with An Emphasis on American-Hispanic Literature and The Causes for its Exclusion From The American Literary Canon.

He has written several works of literary fiction. A Hell Uncertain is his debut novel. Moreover, he has six other literary works of fiction prepared to be published: a sequel to his debut novel entitled Bound to Perdition, to be released in 2023; a tetralogy; a novella; and is presently performing research for two other novels.

He has studied with Professor Stephen Gill, an Indian-Canadian, internationally renowned literary scholar-critic, literary fiction novelist, short story writer and poet, whose creative works embody multicultural themes. He has also studied critical and creative writing with Professor Graeme Harper, an international renowned Australian scholar, and a novelist of genre fiction.

He has been honored as a Fellow of The Institute of Arts and Letters, London.

Both he and his wife spend their time in South Carolina and Puerto Rico.