Hughston House Publishers’ mission is to present unique, original stories that will touch readers and have a lasting impact and impression on America and the world.

We seek to provide excellent literature to enhance the literary orientation of the American public, and to specifically influence our children and young adults as to the importance of wholistic inclusions of interpretive and entertainment literature in the American Landscape.  

Given the publishing industry’s traditional position and practice of excluding literature by marginalized peoples, our mission is to contribute toward changing and eradicating this status quo. Toward this end, we seek to include authors from these marginalized groups. This includes but is not limited to Puerto Rican, Native American, Mexican American and African American peoples. Needless to say, the presence of their literary works is profoundly needed and required in order to forge a more complete and comprehensive American Literary Canon. Therefore, it is our aim to expose, inform and educate the public in this regard.